EMMETI × Yoshimasa Hoshiba


"H (Akka)" is the first collaboration project between EMMETI and Mr. Hoshiba. Based on the concept of simple, timeless, and high-quality style advocated by Mr. Hoshiba, this rider's jacket is thoroughly focused on everything from material selection to cutting, patterns, and details. The biggest feature is the material. Uses 0.9mm waxed lambskin nappa leather, which is slightly thicker than conventional leather. This not only makes it light and soft, but also gives a tough impression peculiar to riders. Next, cutting the waist part. By making the V line with an angle and making a difference between the front and back, it gives a light impression when worn or when the front zip is opened. In addition, the pattern has been re-raised to make the Japanese body look sexy and beautiful, and it is surprisingly easy to move even though it is a rider's jacket. And this time, not only for men but also for women will be released at the same time. Although the basic design is the same for both men and women, the direction of taking out the chin strap is changed to the left and right, and the length and pattern are made to make women look beautiful.


"I like Enmeti's single-type riders jacket and have been using it for almost 10 clothes until now ... (laughs). , I also made samples many times, I think that I have completed a single type of riders without a complete compromise at all. Durable, comfortable leather, sexy cutting, timeless design that does not depend on the times As an ultimate riders jacket, I would like you to wear it for a long time with many adult men and women and use it for a long time.


Outer material: sheep leather


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