[BRONLINE] Togaoshi. Vol.31 Choosing high-quality materials is the correct answer for urban winter outerwear.

2018.12.13 thu

How to choose a reasonably good adult outerwear is “material” rather than design and brand and Toga. It is much easier to use than high-spec downs and cutting-edge outerwear in designer mode, and it makes adults look intelligent, elegant and rich.


The theme of “Let's increase the adult that can be admired from young people” is a new-sense online site that combines fashion-centered EC and media. Not only suggest many lifestyles, but introduce "people who enjoy adults". We send out various contents for the purpose of increasing people who can have hope in the future.
Based on the track record of running select shops, we propose a variety of lifestyles centered on adult fashion. At the same time you can read the shop and brand information that can be sympathetic to the style like a magazine media, a new-style portal site that you can purchase immediately if you want.
The editorial team has many staff who are producing famous magazines, and collaborations between retail professionals and media production professionals will clearly show the difference with other shopping sites.