[FORZA STYLE] 100 ways to polish your man Elegant adults like suede after all ♡

2019.10.25 fri

For adult leather, softness and delicateness are the points of choice.
Whether it's a rider's or a bomber jacket, a smooth image of glossy leather or tough grained leather tends to emphasize a hard image. That is attractive, but if you enjoy leather in a more gentle and calm atmosphere, you can rely on suede.
This season, there are a large number of suede outerwear on the whole, but if you want more elegance, you want a softer and thinner suede. Speaking of leather, lamb and goats. In addition to the lightness and softness of the fabric, the thinly tanned leather has a very fine brushed feel that creates a high-quality atmosphere at first glance. Therefore, it goes well with high-gauge smooth knits and slacks. You can produce a product that does not feel strange even when you enter the restaurant.
Speaking of suede blousons, there are many browns such as beige, but there is also a trend color of this season, and it is an opportunity to pass through the sleeves.

Delicate suede makes riders look elegant